It was in 1997 that most of us had our first taste of Lionism. We were chartered as the Vancouver Cathay Leo Club by our sponsors - Vancouver Cathay Lions Club. We started out as young and ambitious high school graduates with limited experience and life skills.

Through the Leo Club, we were given many opportunities to explore and develop various leadership and team skills. Not only did we gain valuable experiences, but also we gained a close-knit extended family in Leoism (Lionism) full of fun and fellowship.

After seven years as a Leo Club, our club grew and matured, and we found ourselves stepping towards a new path - the exciting and challenging move to become Lions! We are very grateful to our sponsoring Lions Club for all the years of guidance and support they have given us. On June 10th, 2005, we were chartered as the Vancouver Cathay New Century Lions Club. And now begin our new journey in Lionism!